About (WTF?)

So, perhaps you’ve happened upon this site, read a few posts, and thought to yourself “What the fuck is going on here?”

We ask ourselves the same question, daily. Which is sorta the reason this site came into existance.

The bottom line is that we’re just two dudes, best buds, maybe traveling together for many lifetimes… who knows. And we’re just journaling about our journeys.

Sometimes it may seem that our current perspectives and paths are parallel; many times it will appear as though they are colliding  head-on and leaving a trail of wreckage behind.

Cats and dogs fighting and/or playing as one. It’s all illusion.

Furthermore, we’re both entirely comfortable changing our perspectives, even dramatically, when we see the Truth on a new day differently than yesterday.

Hell, if it’s good enough for Gandhi, we’ll follow his lead: “I am a human being and the truth is ever-changing and evolving, and as a human being I must commit to the truth and not to consistency.”

We’d like to be clear that there is absolutely nothing new coming from us, nor do we have any implied credibility either academically or through demonstrated enlightenment.

In creating this forum where people can laugh while digesting some thought provoking perspectives, we’ll have served our purpose by plating up the tired and traditional menu items with a unique presentation for the discriminative spiritual foodie.

If you’d like to know a bit more about each of us, our bios are below:

Hairy Yogurt Das (HYD) Bio



My “spiritual name” Hairy Yogurt Das, came about from an experience I had over breakfast one fall morning many years ago. I looked down into my bowl of yogurt and saw eternity.

Much like when Yasoda looked into young Krishna’s mouth because he had eaten dirt, and saw the entire universe; I looked deep into the creamy Void, and awakened.

I enjoy telling that story as if it actually happened, when in fact it was but a dream.

Truthfully, I just really fucking love yogurt… especially with blueberries.

I feel as though I was a Jain monk in a past lifetime. As a kid I would spend all day rescuing worms from the sidewalks after a rain, and all my time at the community pool was spent saving flies who ended up in the water.

Needless to say, I was considered weird and wasn’t overly popular.

On the upside, this did give me ample time to start studying philosophy, in my quest to find the “right way to live”. I eventually ended up in the eastern religion section of a local used bookstore and found my home.

At first I was drawn to their apparent compassion for non-human animals, but soon began to appreciate the full multitude of teachings within these systems.

In early adulthood I became sort of an “intellectual spiritual seeker”, only to learn decades later that it’s a path known as Jnana Yoga.

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I was always in my head, with my thoughts. Intellectualism was my default because it was easy for me. I could debate religious scripture and philosophize on meaningless, hypothetical conundrums ad nauseam.

Although it was fun at times, it became obvious to me that what I lacked was a pathway to open my heart. After several half-hearted (bad pun) and fruitless attempts, my heart was ripped wide open during a psychedelic journey session with The Big Toe. That event dramatically altered the focus of my path and journey, and it is from that perspective that I will share my experiences on this blog.

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The Big Toe (BT) Bio

“The Big Toe” is a nickname originated by Hairy Yogurt Das, largely because he couldn’t really pronounce my given spiritual name, Angustha Das, due to his almost unbearable lisp.

Angustha is Sanskrit for “the great toe” and Das is a derivative of the Sanskrit “Dasa”, which means “servant of”. So the literal English translation of Angustha Das is “servant of the great toe”.

Of course, a Bio is a fool’s game because any typical sense of “Who am I?” is defined by a collection of memories, psychological reaction patterns, beliefs, fears, opinions (mini beliefs), and perspectives (mini-beliefs).

Then we add more and more to this bag and put an umbrella over it and deduce that this is who we are; but it’s all purely thought based and thoughts are just imaginings (or piles of dog shit). That whole basket of crap doesn’t exist right here and right now in the ever changing present, and didn’t exist when our body was first born.

It’s all imaginary, temporary, and a house of cards. So in reality, I am not that. I am pure conscious being. The witness behind it all and containing it all. I am the void, the illusion, and have never not been. I will always be and am closer to you than you will ever know.

My function is to continually point out to you that the beliefs you’ve attached to who you are, are actually piles of dog shit right in the middle of the sidewalk.

I don’t make the rules, I just follow the flow and direction of what job consciousness has designed my role in this play of illusion to be right now.

Please don’t hate me because I am The Big Toe.