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Big Toetry Entry 2: Coming Down


When we wake up and look

At what is doing the staring out,

Time crashes to a halt and

We stare deep into the face of God.

The dream of life fades away

And a luminous laughter

Wells up in our throats.

The actors dawn their mortal costumes

And the play goes on

As the plot intensifies,

Our mind lost in the role,

We become the individual once again.


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Big Toetry Entry 1: Introductions


I am the belly laugh around the camp fire as the fondest of memories are recounted.

I am the intoxicated toddler rushing down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought.

I am the razor blade’s edge on the wrist of the 14 year old boy whose classmates mock him.

I am the vacuous look in the starving child’s eyes.

I am the tears running down the cheek of the new father, watching his wife kiss their newborn child for the very first time.

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