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Big Toetry Entry 3: Into The One


Another merciless wave crashes
Over a jagged puzzle called the mind
Each piece a riddle
With a solution thought will never find

Confusion leads to a desperate flash
Stunning the groping mind into non-existence
We awaken to take our first real breath

This baby, an old soul, named God
Sees himself, admiring the
Grotesque horror and unspeakable beauty as one

Remembering once again
Nothing has ever changed & nothing ever was
As the dream passes, we awaken alone again
Into the one

The silence ripping away the screens of thought
The window is wide open
Recognizing, in the eyes of all we see, only our self

Seeing our creation, ourselves, and the glance
All as one, beyond the deception of time

The Big Toe


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Bullshit Spirituality Practices

bullshit spirituality

The Origin of Bullshit Spirituality Practices

Correlation and causation aren’t the same thing, no matter how inviting it is to act otherwise. Our quick attempt to equate them is a fool’s game.  Take it from a fool who’s played this game like a drum.

What the hell am I talking about and what does this correlation/causation distinction have to do your spiritual practice?

And more importantly, how does bullshit spirituality work its way into this messy mix?

Well I’m not talking about the bullshit fact that most tantric practitioners realize they’ve contracted crabs about 7-10 days after a practicing session on their “path”.

That’s bullshit spirituality for a different post (note to self).

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My God Is Real, Bitch! Kirtan With Krishna Das

god is real sunrise

I can’t sing. It’s not that I can’t sing well… I truly suck.

We’re talking mirrors cracking and babies screaming in terror.

Plus, until rather recently, I thought that all devotional practices just weren’t my path. So I had no reason or desire to sit down for a sing-along.

Then my psychedelic-assisted mini-awakening occurred in Boulder.

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All of a sudden, my heart was filled with gratitude and I consciously sought out ways to show my devotion to God. That’s when I “found” Krishna Das.

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