My God Is Real, Bitch! Kirtan With Krishna Das

god is real sunrise

I can’t sing. It’s not that I can’t sing well… I truly suck.

We’re talking mirrors cracking and babies screaming in terror.

Plus, until rather recently, I thought that all devotional practices just weren’t my path. So I had no reason or desire to sit down for a sing-along.

Then my psychedelic-assisted mini-awakening occurred in Boulder.

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All of a sudden, my heart was filled with gratitude and I consciously sought out ways to show my devotion to God. That’s when I “found” Krishna Das.

Kirtan is devotional song… singing to God.

This is one of my favorites – My God is Real. KD covers a gospel song originally performed by Mahalia Jackson (I believe).

It has special intrinsic meaning for me, as the deep sounds heard at the beginning are Tibetan chants, similar to what I had playing on my headphones for the onset of my journey in Boulder. KD does an amazing job of blending Christian gospel music with Tibetan and Hindu chanting.

I’ve had it on loop for an entire afternoon and find it transformative.

My God is Real by Krishna Das – enjoy.

Peace Out,

Hairy Yogurt Das


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