On Spiritual Ego


spiritual ego

A health check for your practice

From time to time it makes sense to take inventory of our practice and if we are effectively “moving forward”. As a start, you may want to ask yourself some of these questions?

  • How would I describe myself spiritually?
  • Where am I on my current path?
  • How dedicated am I?
  • How long have I been practicing?
  • How do I feel about my progress?
  • Do I feel more centered, calm, and peaceful than a month or year ago?
  • How do I deal with those less conscious that I have to interact with in my life?
  • Should I be doing more or adding time or dimensions to my practice?
  • How knowledgeable am I on the foundation and writers in my given path?
  • Do I feel good about my dedication and consistently?

Maybe even add some more of your own if you are serious about this. I suggest you briefly write out your answers before moving on. Look at the answers and assess your opinions, perspectives, and beliefs about who you are as a spiritual seeker and where you are on your path and what goals you may have achieved or are striving to.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step and are now looking, right in the face, at a steaming pile of dog shit called your Spiritual Ego.

This is a nice extra piece of luggage we can add to our existing baggage of beliefs around who we are and why we are special or a victim. The beauty of this is that we actually feel good about all these perspectives because they are “spiritual”.

We now have another dimension we can add to our beliefs about who we are physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and financially.   We have a spiritual dimension that makes us even more balanced, interesting, and pretty fucking deep.

Whether these are positive or negative perspectives about who the spiritual us is, they’re still a bunch of beliefs. And people, beliefs are shit, sitting right in the middle of the sidewalk and I’m the Big Toe pointing right at your pile of shit.

The great news is now you have even more of YOU than ever before, so you have more ego to eventually let go of, along with all the associated attachments to make room for any real clarity of awareness.

Hell, you probably have a shelf or two of books you’ve read on display so anyone stopping by can be impressed with your thorough investigation of your spirituality. Maybe, just so you don’t forget what a spiritual mother-fucker you are, you’ve constructed a Trinket Table, where you’ve stacked all your Om statues, Buddhas, incense, candles and pictures of gurus, Krishna or maybe even Old Hairy Jesus. I mean if you are a cut above the rest and a spiritual seeker, you better God damned be prepared to throw down your Puja Swag against any other seeker you are sizing yourself up against.

And you better be able to talk the shit out of whatever methodology, belief system, lineage or whatever else you are using to identify your current flavor of spirituality.

Check out some YouTube videos by our pal JP Sears, as he can assist you in your quest to be Ultra Spiritual:

Entertain, if you haven’t become too pussified, the notion that your entire practice is utter bullshit, baggage, and contributes to an ever-expanding ego and entrenches us in the delusion that these trophies of dedication and validation of our conviction somehow indicate our probability of attaining some more special state of being. Which is important as almost no spiritual seekers of the billions of them in the history of the planet have ever attained much of anything.

Let’s face it, the only biblical thing that really exists is the cumulative failure rate of the spiritual seeker. If you are striving to attain enlightenment at realistic odds, you should play the lottery too. At least your back-up plan has a higher probability of getting you rich than your spiritual approach does of getting you enlightened.

If you are having any negative reaction at all to any of this, you’ve proven to yourself my point is correct. Your house of cards belief system of who you are as a spiritual seeker has just been rattled, you are now becoming defensive, and you better double down on your commitment to your spiritual ego or it could start to fray at the seams. It’s easier to write me off as a bastard fuck than it is to actually think about what this may mean.

What if you have gotten this terribly wrong and are playing a fool’s game? What if the reality is that you are totally lost but you are in fierce denial?

If you have to let go of who you are to become what is, why the hell are you adding to who you are like a character on the TV show Hoarders? The answer is because you’re scared. You are scared that if all your beliefs are a bunch of shit and there is nothing there, you’ll be left hanging in space with no perspective, belief, or corner to prove to yourself that YOU still exist.

Ironically, the best thing that could happen to YOU is to unravel and cease to exist so your awareness can unconstrict itself and actually expand into something other than the limitations of YOU and your ego (spiritual or otherwise).

You’re chasing your tail in propagating the illusion of your existence because the alternative is too scary. Which, by the way, is totally fine and dandy and pretty damn common, but let’s be really clear what we’re actually doing. Any additional BOP – Belief, Opinion, or Perspective (as Fred Davis calls them) is an additional BOP that now lies smack dab in your path toward awakening like a steaming pile of dog shit right in the middle of the sidewalk. And I’m just a Big Toe pointing at your pile.

Now check out how cool I am using a more spiritual language for my salutation.



P.S. Don’t hate me because I’m a Big Toe.


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