Big Toetry Entry 1: Introductions


I am the belly laugh around the camp fire as the fondest of memories are recounted.

I am the intoxicated toddler rushing down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought.

I am the razor blade’s edge on the wrist of the 14 year old boy whose classmates mock him.

I am the vacuous look in the starving child’s eyes.

I am the tears running down the cheek of the new father, watching his wife kiss their newborn child for the very first time.

I am the rage and utter confusion in the dementia stealing grandmother’s fondest of memories.

I am the newfound pride in the 4 year olds heart as she rides her bicycle for the very first time without training wheels.

I am the raging water, ripping the baby out of its mother’s arms as my flood unleashes it’s furry.

I am the tender kiss of gratitude the young woman puts on her sleeping father’s forehead.

I am the contaminated pollution assassinating our beautiful planet.

I am a dream come true and the reality of your worst nightmare.

I am death, love, hope, happiness, and inconceivable sorrow.

And I am you.


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